Email is the most effective tool of direct marketing in acquiring prospective customers, converting them into actual customers and retaining existing ones. For these reasons, email marketing must always be an integral part of a multi-channel digital strategy, which by definition involves an interaction with the users during the different phases of the purchasing funnel and different modalities. Thanks to email marketing, in a very short period of time you can contact a large lists of contacts, more or less profiles according to specific elements of targeting, to update them on the latest news, promotions, current events, or to stimulate the purchase of a product or service, maybe as seen previously.
At the base of each truly effective email marketing campaign there is the construction and use of databases containing well-qualified and profiled opt-in email addresses. You must pay close attention to the management of privacy, which must clearly express consent to receive communications for commercial purposes and you must be able to read the information about the processing of data at the time of the release of personal information.

A good, healthy database which is constantly updated, profiled and responsive is the first source of income.
However, we must always consider that to manage and monetize an e-mail database takes time, resources and expertise.
For these reasons, and to guarantee its partners and holders of contact lists on which Email Marketing is used get the most out of each submission, Clickpoint provides a proprietary solution, called Dempoint, and services dedicated to the management and monetization of databases.
Clickpoint, in fact, takes full control over the management of the email database of which it is entrusted, with no setup fee or sending fee, freeing up of holders of the lists from any operational involvement, from the planning, technical management, the shipment of the messages to the reports, data analysis, up to the optimization of profiling and earnings.
Clickpoint’s offer for database management and monetization is based on the simplest economic model aimed at maximizing the ROI of each user list: the gains generated by an e-mail address databases managed by the company are fully transmitted to the proprietor database.


The main aspects of the Dempoint solution:

  • Strategy: it is defined and shared the monetization strategy is defined and shared in order to meet the branding goals, performance goals and the income goals of the holders of any database.
  • Compliance: Clickpoint makes sure that the address collection mode respects the national legal framework, and is permitted to use for commercial and promotional purposes.
  • Security: Clickpoint also ensures that storage and processing of data takes place in accordance with national regulations and technological directives
  • Profitability: Clickpoint, standing strong with its ten years of experience, works with leading brands in each sector and plans its database management in only the most profitable of campaigns, often exclusively.
  • Profiling: user behaviors are always analyzed by using machine learning techniques to get a better in depth understanding of the patterns and potential.
  • Optimization: the master data are organized on the basis of the interest, responsiveness, the time slots of operation, the devices used to maximize the probability of reaching each user at the exact moment in which there is greater likelihood that the email is opened, and with the most appropriate tool.
  • Deliverability: thanks to constant and privileged relationships with leading ISPs, the best message delivery rate is guaranteed. Unsubscriptions, reports of spam and non-delivery are all managed in real time, for instant cleaning of contacts in total transparency.
  • Reporting: the holder of the list can access detailed reports in real-time which show the evolution of schedules and profitability of the various campaigns.


Clickpont is already managing lists worldwide: Italy, Spain, France and Latin America are the most active areas, and those in which the service is growing faster:

Currently over 20 million email addresses are daily subject to direct monetization, and the best results are achieved by:

  • monitoring users’ behavior to identify the best moment to deliver each message;
  • generating unique codes to identify users (fingerprinting) and perform direct and cross-channel performance tracking;
  • using location information to improve the performance of every shooting and enrich user profiles with geographical data;
  • analysing users’ interests to generate a specific profile and enrich data originally provided by the publisher;
  • clustering users according to their activity level, to let them receive the amount of messages likely to generate the most revenues.

Clickpoint’s cloud technology is used to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability in terms of:

  • redundancy: high availability and uptime ensuring no impression or click is lost, and that each user is always carried to advertisers’ landing pages;
  • high speed and bandwidth: over 9M messages can be delivered every hour, ensuring that each message is delivered at the right time, when it’s more likely to be read;
  • integration with email providers (bounce and spam feedback), so that dirty segments or malicious contacts can not affect overall performances;
  • real-time analysis of results to be immediately able to understand what is happening to each shooting.

The platform allows for easy publisher integration (APIs):

  • new contacts can be added to the list at any time, either in real-time when the users’ opt-in or later, from a simple user interface, individually or in a batch file;
  • contacts can unsubscribe from the database at any time, with a link provided in each message, and publishers can also transmit the platform opt-outs coming from other sources (e.g., other newsletters, complaints). Opt-outs can be processed individually or uploading a batch file;
  • besides all the reports available from Clickpoint’s publisher panel, customized stats and reports available for list owners as HTML, CSV or XML.

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