The lead generation is a marketing action for the acquisition of qualified contacts. After having clicked on a link, banner or an email, you “land” on the landing page, where the conversion of the website visitors from users who are potentially interested in purchasing products (leads) into customers takes place.

So, here are the 10 Clickpoint tips to create captivating landing pages, that are pleasurable to read and useful for the customer.

1. Establish the campaign objectives: Take into consideration the objectives (obtain new leads or contact those who are already in your possession to encourage new purchases) as well as the target group of reference to define the most appropriate landing page format.

2. Provide an incentive (a discount, an e-book, a free gift, a test drive, …) to encourage the customer to leave his/her contact details in exchange for the incentive provided.

3. Choose communicative and appealing images to facilitate a fast communication. Optimise the images for use on mobile phones by favouring a quicker upload.

4. Insert a video to create curiosity: it is foreseen that the video traffic on mobile devices will exceed 75% by 2020. Upload short videos, no longer than 90 seconds and optimise their use for mobile devices.

5. Pay attention to the copy: starting with the title, together with the image, that is the element that has the major impact, up to the contents of the entire page. Use short paragraphs, bullet points and subheadings to separate the contents into blocks of text that are easier to read.

6. Insert a clear, immediately recognisable call-to-action, by highlighting it in a colour that contrasts with the others on the page and with some graphic elements.

In order to be effective, the CTA must clearly express the advantage for the user, trying to anticipate and fulfil his/her need: “Don’t your landing pages succeed in converting customers? Then download our e-book”. Emphasise the limited time of the offer by inserting short phrases such as “download immediately” and “register now”, or focus on the concept of saving money (“receive free of charge”).

7. Optimise the contact form, the tool that allows the user to leave his/her personal data. By putting it at the top of the webpage and requesting only essential information (name, email address) to get in touch with the user later.

8. Optimise the landing page for use on mobile devices. 77% of users surf the net from their smartphones, so it is of the utmost importance to design an ad hoc landing page to be used on mobile devices.

9. Establish a relationship of mutual trust between brand and the public by inserting reviews provided by customers or influencers. Include the information regarding the processing of personal data as well as the consent to receive email marketing communications on behalf of third parties, to overcome the user’s reluctance to give his/her sensitive data.

10. Assess the impact of the landing page by means of the A/B test: send different versions of the page, testing the graphic elements, the title and the position of the call-to-action. Monitor the variations of the conversion and webpage abandonment rates in order to create a winning landing page.

Clickpoint have worked to provide our customers with a complete, effective lead generation service for over 10 years. Landing pages can be graphically designed by our team and hosted on our servers, enabling us to rapidly carry out analysis and optimisations by using tools to compare the different versions of the landing pages used.

If you would like to achieve concrete, measurable results, manage your landing pages together with the entire lead generation strategy with our service LeadBox Clickpoint. Visit our website for further information.

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