Managing an effective email marketing strategy means monitoring the engagement rate of your users. Check how many subscribers to your database do not interact or open your email, and plan a targeted campaign to reawaken inactive contacts.
Here are 10 ways to reawaken sleepy databases and re-engage interest in your communications:

1. Identify “sleeping” users and establish how long they have been idle for, based on the frequency of the communications sent.

2. Segment your lists: profile “sleeping” contacts on the basis of the length of time they have been registered on the database, the level of involvement reached (opening emails, clicks, shares, etc.) and their period of inactivity.
3. Plan a multiple submission campaign using different language and incentives than communications sent to active users. An initial message could be entitled “It’s been a while” or “We miss you”, followed by “Are you still interested?” to explicitly ask if the user is still interested in receiving your communications.
4. Test communications using the A/B Test to check which elements work best.
5. Give inactive contacts an incentive: discounts, free gifts or free delivery are a powerful “reason to return”.
6. Give subscribers the option to remove themselves from your database by sending an email with instructions on how to cancel their subscription, change their email address or adjust how often they receive messages. If your contact chooses to unsubscribe, you can send a final email to point out the opportunities that they will be missing out on, and include a link to sign up again.
7. Be mobile-friendly: in 2016, the rate of opening emails from smartphones reached 56% and half of conversions came from users who opened emails from mobile devices. Email and landing pages should be designed ad hoc to encourage readability from any device.
8. Obtain new contacts by facilitating sharing via the major social networks directly from your newsletter.
9. Pay attention to database building: confirming subscriptions using opt-in methods will allow you to check actual subscriber interest and ensure that the address is valid.
10. Implement retargeting solutions: involve non-responders by exploiting different channels through targeted retargeting, especially via social networks.
Don’t be afraid to remove inactive contacts from your databases. Regularly “cleaning” your lists will improve your deliverability and brand reputation, increasing conversions and earnings.
For your email marketing campaigns, contact us: for over 10 years we have been working with top publishers to send direct emails to optimised and profiled databases, testing submissions, and analysing results to provide maximum return on investment.

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