In a world in which competitiveness is increasingly high and where the audience is more and more prepared, aware and demanding, the digital marketing techniques strongly focusing on performance have become increasingly sophisticated. Users, in fact, are more and more proactive and careful in looking for messages and contents of the companies considered of interest, to gather information and approach a possible subsequent purchase.
In this context, it is therefore essential to identify in the best of ways your target by immediately building a foundation of contacts made up of interested and qualified users, so as to establish a one-to-one dialogue based on the knowledge and the trust in the brand, in this way facilitating and rendering spontaneous the purchase process.
Clickpoint, specializing in offering solutions for the lead generation, proposes to its customers a product that covers the entire funnel of acquisition, from the generating process of the prospects contact to the nurturing of qualified master data.
The online marketing channels used for the lead generation are many and must be placed in a special 360° strategy: from SEO to SEM, from the display to social advertising, email marketing, mobile apps and text messages. And not only this. An important role is also given by the presence on blogs, the drafting of white papers, videos and useful content that strengthen the trust in the brand.
Once you have obtained your contact information (name, surname, email), it is essential to collect and update continuously the informations, not just the socio-demographic information (age, sex, place of residence,) but also the behavioural ones, those related to surfing habits (how long one stays on a page, how many pages are browsed within the same web site, the degree of interaction with the content on the page, …), and last but not least the specific information regarding interests.
In this way it will be possible to optimize the structure of the site or of the web-page and design increasingly personalized automated email marketing campaigns.

LeadBox Clickpoint is a solution to generate a list of final users interested in products or services, interact with potential customers, hold contests, generate subscriptions in social networks, get information requests, communicate sales and promotions, or any other advertising activity. Clickpoint provides only high quality commercial contacts, obtained by fully respecting local privacy laws and filtering requests according to customers’ requirements, so that non-relevant data are not collected.

The creativity and the landing page will be designed, managed and optimized according to the purpose of the campaign and carried out by Clickpoint according to the brand image and customer’s guidelines.

Customers receive information about users who are truly interested in advertised offer in real time. Sales department can direct and finalize any user’s purchase. In case the customer has no mean of interacting with data in real time, it can either be periodically downloaded in any suitable format (CSV, XML, XLS) to be processed either manually or automatically.

Besides Clickpoint’s advertiser panel, each customer is provided with a Leadbox access to monitor lead generation campaigns (status, performances, statistics, and insights), search leads and get collection details, manage access credentials and API tokens, configure per-lead email notifications.

Clickpoint Leadbox has been steadily growing in numbers, quality, and features since 2012.

Clickpoint Leadbox: Leads collected per year

Leads collected per year

Moreover, lead generation activities are being delivered worldwide, exploiting the capabilities of Clickpoint’s international publisher network:

LeadBox is a solution Clickpoint customers can adopt from the moment they decide to start collecting leads, to processing and reporting.


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