“The best is yet to come”. A very promising name was chosen by IAB Italia for the Seminar dedicated to Performance Marketing, which was held Thursday 7 July at the headquarters of Talent Garden in Milan.
The event drew an audience of over 900 people, who followed with interest the presentations and in-depth workshops of the different tools used in Performance Marketing and the opportunities they offer to make more effective and strongly oriented to ROI the online campaigns.

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As we had already mentioned here, Clickpoint was Platinum Sponsor of the event, bringing on stage its decades of experience in the field of digital marketing with the intervention of Laura Bergo, account director of the Italian group, entitled “The lead generation in the mobile era. Tips for a successful strategy”.
Backed by a moderator of excellence as Marco Montemagno, Founder of SuperSummit, Laura Bergo has deepened one of the basic actions that form the basis of any marketing strategy with a strong focus on performance: the collection of leads, or new master and quality data, exploiting the potential of the mobile channel.
A very active intervention and appreciated by the public of the Seminar who listened and participated as a direct “testimonial” of the changing habits of use from the desktop to mobile devices.

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Laura Bergo opened the intervention providing an overview on the spreading of mobile in Italy: over 50M Italians own at least one mobile device, with a penetration rate of 68.7% which makes the smartphone currently the most powerful tool for establishing the first contact with the user. The widespread distribution allows, in fact, to reach quickly a large number of people, using different approaches including SMS, emails, Websites, applications, push notifications, and so on. There is a strong growth in the “media” consumer mobile to the extent of 48% and 11.3% cross-platform, and this underlines the importance fulfilled by cross device solutions in marketing strategies. Over 70% of Italians use the smartphone for at least two hours every day, with hundreds of daily micro-connections during which it is necessary to capture the user’s attention in a few moments.
From this overall picture, Laura Bergo turned directly to operators, highlighting the need to pay special attention to communication and graphics capabilities of the key elements of lead generation, in particular landing page and form, which should be easily accessible to mobile, facilitating conversions to prevent the dropout before concluding the action. In fact, if the greatest rate of opening of DEM takes place from the mobile (65%), on the contrary, the greatest number of conversions arrives from the desktop, highlighting how important it is to consider the dropout rate as a parameter for evaluating the efficiency of communication.

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Here, then, the Clickpoint tips for a successful lead generation on mobile:

the responsive website must adapt to mostly vertical use of the device (94% of smartphones is used in portrait mode);
the call to action must be short and clear, centrally located for added visual impact;
the buttons for the conversion should be placed at the top of the page, easily clickable also on smaller devices (minimum size 44×44 pixels);
• the objects that make up a page (pictures, video, content) must be placed within fluid grids to fit proportionally to the size of the screens and aligning vertically to promote the scroll of the page from smartphone;
images should load quickly (45% of users close the page if pages are not loaded within 10 seconds);
the form should be essential, showing a variable number of fields between 3 and 5 and provide the precompilation;
• It is preferable to use bullets that increase the effectiveness of reading by 15% with respect to the paragraph of text;
• the inclusion of social sign-on increases conversions up to 90%.

Obviously, a chapter has been dedicated to the world of social networks, the most widely used channels on mobile, able to complete the user profile, even after the acquisition of the lead, thanks to the information saved in the profile of each social user (interests, studies, job title, company name, and more). The potential of the main socials is such that 70% of B2B marketers have gained leads through Facebook. Socials, also, are tools with a very strong ability to create engagement and nurturing of leads, processes necessary for working the prospects and turn them into buyers.
If we talk about social on mobile, we have to speak necessarily of app. Applications are about 80% of all time spent online on smartphones. Navigation, in fact, takes place within the apps, and only a small percentage via browser.
Apps are tools able to achieve specific objectives in support of a mobile advertising campaign with a strong focus on performance: these tools allow to create product extensions (as with the applications of banking institutions), create engagement, promoting sales, acquire new users through the proposal of some features in exchange for user registration (typically work like this gaming apps – contact in exchange for powers or lives – and the photo image management – contact in exchange of new filters -).

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Finally, Laura Bergo recalled the importance that still have the SMS campaigns within a all round digital strategy advert. Compared with IM applications, in fact, text messages are perceived as highly customised and “important”, presenting an opening rate of 98% and an average Click Through Rate of 15%. SMS campaigns are up to 8 times more effective in the engagement of an user, especially for mobile couponing activities.
A speech full of information, the one proposed by Clickpoint, the company that for over 10 years has been active in the field of marketing and digital advertising.
All aspects covered during the speech, in fact, have formed the broad portfolio of specific solutions for lead generation proposed by Clickpoint through the product Leadbox Clickpoint, a complete package based on proprietary technology. Here you can read more.

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