Email marketing report: Italy

The following data have been computed on a sample of about 18M email messages, delivered on over 150k Italian users between January 1st and September 30th, 2015. All users have expressed consent to email marketing activities (opt-in) and their addresses have been collected from 5 different websites after September 30th, 2014.…[…]

The best solution for email DB monetization

Email is the most effective tool of direct marketing in acquiring prospective customers, converting them into actual customers and retaining existing ones. For these reasons, email marketing must always be an integral part of a multi-channel digital strategy, which by definition involves an interaction with the users during the different phases of the purchasing funnel and different modalities.…[…]

Clickpoint’s complete solution for lead generation

In a world in which competitiveness is increasingly high and where the audience is more and more prepared, aware and demanding, the digital marketing techniques strongly focusing on performance have become increasingly sophisticated. Users, in fact, are more and more proactive and careful in looking for messages and contents of the companies considered of interest, to gather information and approach a possible subsequent purchase.…[…]

Advertise mobile apps and pay per download

Clickpoint provides specific solutions for mobile, based on business models entirely focused on performance, such as the pay-per-download (PPD) or pay-per-install (PPI) to support, all customers in every sector, in the development and growth of their business: the company boasts in fact a dedicated tracking system able to support mobile traffic, the massive development of the download or installation of tracking apps and even in-apps.…[…]