Clickpoint at IAB Seminar: “mobile is part of a all round strategy for a successful lead generation”

“The best is yet to come”. A very promising name was chosen by IAB Italia for the Seminar dedicated to Performance Marketing, which was held Thursday 7 July at the headquarters of Talent Garden in Milan. The event drew an audience of over 900 people, who followed with interest the presentations and in-depth workshops of the different tools used in Performance Marketing and the opportunities they offer to make more effective and strongly oriented to ROI the online campaigns.…[…]

IAB Seminar Performance Marketing: Clickpoint will talk about lead generation on mobile channel

Tomorrow, at the new headquarters at 6, Calabiana Street, the Seminar dedicated to Performance Marketing will be held with the promising title “The best is yet to come”. It will be an occasion to analyse the various aspects of Performance Marketing with the direct voice of stakeholders in the sector who, through speeches and round tables, will delve into the different approaches that allow the creation of efficient campaigns with a strong focus on results.…[…]