Clickpoint provides specific solutions for mobile, based on business models entirely focused on performance, such as the pay-per-download (PPD) or pay-per-install (PPI) to support, all customers in every sector, in the development and growth of their business: the company boasts in fact a dedicated tracking system able to support mobile traffic, the massive development of the download or installation of tracking apps and even in-apps.

We know that mobile apps are a powerful tool that can support the achievement of precise and concrete goals within each online strategy and mobile advertising, especially when there is a strong focus on performance. An example is “product extensions” offered with dedicated apps by banks, the possibility of creating engagement, to support sales activities and much more.

Being able to count on a player such as Clickpoint for the development of the mobile channel thanks to the massive diffusion and installation of apps according to performance-based remuneration models represents another advantage for all customers, as this assures that apps are only paid for when downloaded on a mobile device (CPD), or only when the app is opened for the first time (CPI).

The numbers help understand the magnitude of the change in browsing habits from the beginning of 2016.

According to figures recorded by Audiweb (April, 2016) in the first four months of the year, the total Italian digital audience reached 28.6 million individual online users on average for about 46 hours with a computer, smartphone and tablet. Every day nearly 22 million users are connected, of these 42% are between the age of 18 and 74, which access via smartphones and tablets. Women and young people (18-34 years) are still those who spend more time online each day, especially from mobile.
Users, therefore, have become always on, everywhere, a formula that has necessarily changed the approach and the advertising investments of brands.
The use of mobile devices is by 80% through apps, so that, on average, one out of two smartphone users download at least one app per week. The most popular applications are those related to communication, especially instant messaging, social networks, social games and news. However a strong growth of the CPI has been observed in the travel, finance and retail sectors.

Clickpoint has developed a strong expertise in advertising mobile apps on a pay-per-download model. For advertisers, this means being sure to pay only when apps are installed on a real device, and the final user can thus be engage in whatever apps were designed for.

Clickpoint is already integrated with all the most used tracking SDKs, both for iOS and Android. App developers who are already advertising on other platforms do not need to worry about embedding a new SDK in their code, and those who are  advertising for the first time can choose whatever SDK they are most comfortable with. Clickpoint will provide full support to ensure proper tracking is set up rapidly and with the least effort, thus minimizing costs for the advertiser and maximizing online time.

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